Physical Therapy
Offering manual physical therapy services for dance, sport/orthopedic, women's health, gait/running or movement disorders.   

Natalie Imrisek, MSPT, CSCS is a certified Pilates Instructor in mat and equipment work with Balanced Bodies University.  She has utilized Pilates for several years in a rehabilitative setting and is experienced with training and teaching pre-show warm ups to dancers/performers.

Dance Injury Assessment
Natalie Imrisek, MSPT, CSCS has experience performing dance injury screens for Alvin Ailey Dance School and lectures to various companies on injury prevention.  She will perform an assessment that includes questionnaire, tests, examination of the dancer, and a plan to prevent or care for injuries. 

Backstage/on-site coverage
Providing backstage coverage for various dance companies, Broadway, Off-broadway,  and touring  performers.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy 
A soft-touch approach that can be effective for medical issues, such as chronic neck and back, orthopedic injuries, migraines, and other diseases or medical problems associated with pain.

Running Assessment
Natalie Imrisek, MSPT, CSCS analyzes running mechanics through video taping the runner on the treadmill from various angles.  This along with an examination of the runner will enable her to provide a plan to prevent or care for injuries.

Injury Prevetion/Dance Technique Workshops
Natalie Imrisek, MSPT, CSCS has provided lectures and workshops to professional companies, schools, and Broadway shows.  Workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of students, teachers, or performers.​

  Natalie Imrisek, MSPT, CSCS